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Business February 18, 2011

16 Market Research Facts Proving Social Media Moms’ Influence

Social Media Moms RuleRight now I am up to my ears in writing my book, Mom Blogging for Dummies. I have a packed folder of bookmarks with tons of statistics and data on social media moms and mommy bloggers. The information has been surprisingly scattered all over the web and difficult to find. I really thought someone would have collected some solid market research for our industry and put it all in one place.

Then earlier this week, my friend Barbara shared a link on Facebook – 23 Social Media Facts to Share with Executives. Jeff’s post is truly worth a permanent place in your bookmarks. And at the end, he invites us to come up with our own posts on stats and facts. I happily took him up on it. So, if you were looking for proof that mommy bloggers are a force to be reckoned with, then you have come to the right place.

  • Parenting and pregnancy websites are the top source moms and expectant moms use to learn about products and services. (eMarketer)
  • 3.9 million women with children write blogs in the US. By 2014, that number will jump to 4.4 million.  (eMarketer)
Number of Moms who Blog

Number of Moms who Blog

  • 55% of active (daily) social media moms said they made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via Technorati)
  • Of the 3.9 million mom bloggers, only 13% of them primarily write about parenting and 9% about family updates. That means mom bloggers are vastly more likely to write about topics other than being a mom. (Technorati)
  • Mom bloggers are 21% more likely than the general blogging population to be approached by a brand. (Technorati)
  • Moms are picky about what brands they blog about – a whopping 77% of mom bloggers will only write about products or brands that they approve of. Another 14% will write about brands or products they boycott. (Technorati)
  • 18.3 million internet users who are moms read blogs at least once a month. (eMarketer)
    (I estimate more than that, because not all people can distinguish between a blog and a website).
  • 60% of Mom bloggers say they blog about brands they love or hate, compared to only 50% of the general blogging population. (Technorati)
  • 87.1 million women online are active on a weekly basis in social media (including blog interactions, Facebook, message boards, and other social networking sites). (BlogHer/iVillage)
  • One in four of moms have purchased a children’s product because of a recommendation from a social networking site or blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via SFGate)
  • For the 20+ million BlogHer Network audience, engaging in reading blogs is their number one regular online activity, above watching TV, visiting Facebook, or reading other traditional media sources such as newspapers or magazines. (BlogHer/iVillage)
  • Because of blogging, 24% of surveyed women watch less television, 25% read fewer magazines and 22% read fewer newspapers. (BlogHer via Kim Vallee)
  • One of the strongest driving reasons that moms use technology is to be able to monitor what their kids are doing. (BlogHer)
  • Moms mention brands an average of 73 times per week compared with just 57 among males. (eMarketer)
Social Media Moms Talk About Brands

Social Media Moms Talk About Brands

  • 90% of moms are online vs. just 76% of women in general. (eMarketer)
  • 66% of moms believe word of mouth is credible. (eMarketer)

Do you have additional mom blogging statistics to add? Please leave them in the comments with a link to the source!

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