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Nearly 20 years ago, Wendy Piersall was living out of her truck in rural Arizona. At one point, she had 30 dollars to her name, and nowhere to go but the Salvation Army. A few years later, she moved to Chicago, living in her parent’s basement as a single mom. It was then that she had the idea to start her first business, and with no entrepreneurial experience, she set up shop as Luna Art, creating children’s furniture and painting custom murals in residential homes. Although that first business didn’t last too long, it did put her back on the path of self-reliance and she was soon on her feet again.

In 2006, she left her position as Director of Business Development with an ecommerce startup to launch a new social network. As she was doing business plan research, she had an idea to start up a ‘little hobby blog’, a place where she could share her experience as both an entrepreneur and work at home parent. Quite literally she thought, “Maybe 1 or 2 other moms out there would be interested in what it takes to start a website and work from home”. Less than three months later, this little hobby blog “eMoms at Home” became popular enough for her to quit her other pursuits and work full time on developing her blog into a business. Now in 2009, the site has changed it’s name to Sparkplugging, and it is currently one of the largest destinations online for people who want to start a business from home.

Over the last three years, Wendy has become a well known authority on blogging, web 2.0 marketing, entrepreneurship, and social media. She is particularly passionate about working with the parenting and women’s online communities she has been a part of. Today, she works with brands such as Epson, Kmart & SeaWorld to develop and implement strategic word of mouth marketing campaigns that respect the existing cultures established in these influential social networks.

Wendy resides in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and has been featured on, LifeHacker,’s WomenCo, the Chicago Daily Herald,  Boston’s WBZ and Success Magazine. She’s also been the keynote speaker at the B4B Conference as well as been a featured speaker at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo, BlogHer, SOBCon, Mom 2.0 Summit, and SXSWi conferences, among others.

Because Wendy has overcome significant adversity to succeed in business, she has personal stories to share that audiences find easy to relate to:


Speaking Topics

Web 2.0 Marketing & Internet Marketing Speaker

Sample Keynote or Workshop Titles

Is Social Media the Death of Advertising? – Creating innovative campaigns that go beyond banner advertising to true content integration. Based on the results of this Epson Word of Mouth Marketing Case Study.

The End of the Marketing Monologue – Using the power of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and online communities to engage your audience and get them talking about you.

The Power of Influencer Marketing – Finding the right message and the right medium for your social media campaign. Based on the results of this Kmart Influencer Marketing Case Study.

Motivational Business Speaker & Women’s Conference Speaker

Sample Keynote or Workshop Titles

Jumping Off The Cliff – Taking leaps of faith and letting go of control in order to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, thus enabling us to become the people we were born to be.

Blunder Your Way to Making it Big – How to turn our past mistakes into our greatest assets as business people.

Quit Trying to Command the Universe – Learning the art of using our intuition in business, and getting out of our own way to make things happen.


Liz Strauss, SOBCon Founder

“When Wendy speaks the room is riveted on what she’s saying. She’s fully present, offering the best of her personal and professional experience. She’s unforgettable.”

Selected Twitter comments written during Wendy’s SOBCon ’08 presentation:

“This is incredible. If you are not here, you are missing out. Wendy Piersall (@eMom) has everyone enthralled.”

“@eMom is killing it. She’s really brilliant. : )”

George Krueger, Bigg Success

“The next time you need a speaker, I would highly recommend Wendy. I have now had the pleasure of seeing her deliver two electrifying presentations. She ignites her audience with her natural enthusiasm. Her authenticity shines with every experience she relates. Wendy will make things happen in your organization by delivering a dynamic presentation that will fire up your group. She will personally relate to them, touching both their minds and their hearts. Wendy truly is a spark plug!”

Jennifer Laycock, Search Engine Guide

“Wendy teaches with a passion that’s infectious. More than one person told us after her session that they’d never seen anyone so on fire for the possibilities the web brings to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her love for community building made for great conversation and served as a great reminder to everyone in attendance just how important it is to give your customers a voice as loud (or louder) than your own.”

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